rock on juice recipe

Rock On

Rock melon and oranges… ROCK ON…

Nice smooth tasting easy to drink juice. I really love the slight pear flavour.

Here is what you need to buy:

  • 4 oranges
  • ½ rock melon (aka cantaloupe)
  • 2 pears
  • ½ lime

The Juice Method

The juicer you use, the order of the ingredients and the way you prepare them all makes a difference to the taste of the juice. As a foodie I always want my juice to taste great.

Follow my method and your juice will taste amazing.

Juice all ingredients in your Kuvings Cold Press juicer in the following way:

1. Rock Melon – cut off the skin, discard the seeds (they can get stuck in the juicer) and juice just the flesh of the melon

2. Oranges – same with oranges cut off the skin, try to leave a much pith as possible (the essential oil in the skin is a volatile oil which we don’t want to ingest) then juice the whole orange

3. Pears – next add the whole pears (hard pears juice best), just pull out or cut off the stalk

4. Lime – finally add the lime with skin on, for some zesty zing

QTY = 1 litre

This juice recipe makes approx 1 litre of juice depending on the size of the fruit, the season and the water content of the ingredients.